Star Wars: Jedi Resurrection

Alone in the Dark

He had lingered in a waking dream state for what seemed an eternity. He wanted to scream, to reach out with the force and call Aiala to him, but he found his connection to her and the others severed. He had long lost track of time. Anyone else would have been driven insane trapped as he had been. He had heard many stories about people being frozen in carbonite. None mentioned the victims retaining conciousness while incased. He had quit asking himself why he was still awake long ago. Now he just focused, reaching out with the force. Calling his friends for help. Calling anyone. He imagined the force as a muscle. He just needed to build up strength to be strong enough in the force to get his call out beyond his icy prison. When he wasn’t calling for help forced himself to recall his past life. He musn’t lose himself. He would not lose his identity. Not again. He remembered growing up on Cloud City. He remembered meeting Aiala for the first time. Ailyn on Cloud City. Maya sacrificing herself to save him and Ray. Teeo slaying Tempest. All of it. In time he also remembered other things. Memories of past lives. The Mandalorian Wars. The fall to the darkside. Malek’s Betrayel. Bastilla. Salvation. Bastilla. Aiala. Ailyn. Bastilla. Aiala. Ay… Days became weeks. Weeks became months. Months turned to years. Until one day a strange thing happened: When he cried out for help, a familier yet unexpected voice answered. For the third time Revan would return from the abyss.


Chanfan Doubledeuce

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