Star Wars: Jedi Resurrection

How things came to pass...

Since last we left our heroes…

Darth Wrath’s agent was sent to the Sabacc tournament where Aiala and Drax were able to figure out who it was and successfully rescue a ship of slaves from the greedy Jolok Tud’ah. From information garnered from Teresa, Ray’s wife, and other slaves who were rescued at Dantooine, Fatalith was able to locate the planet being used for the mines which supplied the fuel for Project: Revelation. Drax and Aiala during this time grew very close while Ray spent some time learning under Luke Skywalker. Acting on a tip from within the Galactic Alliance, Drax, Aiala, Ray, TeeO and a few others, boarded a luxury train bound for the Citadel on the core world Empress Teta. It was there they would confront Darth Wrath and learn that Admiral Romi Swood was in fact working for Bodo. Aiala would confess her sins to Drax and beg for redemption. She proved her loyalty to the rebellion by being severely wounded in the battle against Darth Wrath in which he was thrown into an active volcano. Ray and Drax used information pulled from Darth Wrath’s minions minds to locate the center of Project: Revelation and track it to Coruscant itself in the newly constructed Alderaan Plaza with the golden building that had become it’s centerpiece. Breaking into the highly secure building, Drax and Ray recovered the plans to the project in the process of destroying the building and were well on their way back to the Resurgence when they realized they had been followed. TeeO had been kidnapped and replaced by the clawdite Mako, loyal servant of Darth Tempest. It was he who had tipped off the Emperor to the location of the rebellion’s craft. The Resurgence was destroyed by the TCS Assidious and most of the rebels crushed or sent fleeing in all directions. Emperor Tempest killed the Princess Leia and captured Drax, Daken, Raymus and the droids. Aiala took her place back at her father’s side smugly content she had fooled Drax and Raymus into believing she had abandoned her father and mother. Tempest took them back to the partially constructed ship named Revelation that was being constructed from the Jinn’Ha’s secret composite cortosis weave and contained nearly 10,000 captured Jedi whose connection to the Force was to be ‘fed’ upon by Darth Tempest in order to create solar system sized Force storms where he would sit at the center and wipe out entire galaxies. His plan, as he revealed to his captives, was to ‘wipe the slate clean’ instead of tracking down individual Jedi across the galaxy. He was also going to allow Aiala to sacrifice TeeO and merge his and Drax’s DNA to create a vessel to send his Force spirit into. TeeO and Drax would of course die in the conversion.
Tempest began torturing Ray to convince Drax and TeeO to submit to entering the test chamber. Ray was locked away in a containment cell to watch.
In a very touching moment, Aiala began the DNA melt and convergence to Drax and TeeO who started screaming in agony. The very bonds that held together the DNA in their cells was being ripped apart. Darth Tempest smiled as he watched his daughter filling the shoes of his previous acolyte, Darth Wrath. But none could contend with Drax’s next move. He stopped screaming, looked Aiala in the eyes and stated…”I forgive you. I’ll always love you.”
Darth Tempest answered his statement with laughter and Aiala just stopped and stared. She looked over at her father and made a decision. She spoke in Drax’s mind, “I know….Revan.” With that, Tempest’s eyes jolted to seriousness with a look of recognition. Aiala threw two lightsabers at her father who easily stopped them midair. He watched as she backed up. “I knew you were untrustworthy.” Force lightning arced from his body and lit up the room dancing it’s way to her and causing her to writhe in agony. She made her way across the room to a panel with buttons on it grabbing ahold of the panel and shorting it out. Aiala started to laugh through the blood dripping from her mouth as Tempest grew more angry. “What are you laughing at?! Answer me! Answer your father, I order you!”
She coughed, “You just shorted out the restraint system.” Tempest looked confused which turned to shock as TeeO ran a green lightsaber through the back of his father. “You’re NOONE’s father!”
TeeO used his ability to hide his force signature to sneak up on his father from behind and kill him. Quickly, he helped Drax out of his bonds and helped Aiala up. She warned that Tempest had also shorted out half of the bridge and that the ship was crashing into the surface of the planet. It was in danger of crashing into the only major city filled with the slaves working on the project. Drax forced Ray onto the escape pod with TeeO and the now unconscious Aiala. He stayed behind to try and guide the ship into the ocean. While the ship missed hitting the city, it blew up in a ball of flame 500 feet high and Ray never saw Drax escape. He did stop being able to sense him in the force.
Luke Skywalker would come out of hiding and re-establish the Galactic Empire under the guidance of Captain Verana who was hailed a hero. Drax (posthumously), Ray, TeeO, Maya, Aiala, and others were hailed as heroes. Songs were written about them all and statues on every planet told of their heroism.


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