Star Wars: Jedi Resurrection

It's a trap!

When last we left our heroes…

They were headed to New Alderaan to sell some newly acquired items on the black market. On the way, Jek Quee pulled them out of hyperspace to investigate a distress signal. Pulling up next to the stalled craft they docked with it but couldn’t get aboard. They sent their reprogrammed droid “I, Arthur” out the hatch to have a look. He found more than he had bargained for. Pirates in Zero-G armor attacked from a hidden Y-wing while a lady in a space suit emerged from the ship.
After a short battle in which Jek smashed some of them against the other ship they took off with the newly acquired soldier girl named Jocasta Vel on board. She had been attacked with her family and they were all dead. She informed them that New Alderaan had been turned into a slave planet and that they might want to reconsider. They decided to move ahead and land. While landing, Day convinced the ground control that he was important and moved to the front of the line. While moving, another police vehicle named the “Justice” almost collided with them and 17 other ships. Due to some fast thinking and piloting, the Duros on board successfully used the tractor beam to pull it to safety and allow the police vehicles to save it from crashing. When arriving on the planet, everyone made it through security except the Duros and Jek who is wanted for murder and stealing a ship apparently.


Chanfan Chanfan

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