Star Wars: Jedi Resurrection

Meet Jocasta Vel

Jocasta tells you of her past and her people. She is descended from a long line of soldiers. She has known nothing but war. It’s also how she knows about the helmet that TeeO shows her. She tells you of it’s story. Of Darth Revan and how he is a hero to her people. She also tells you that Darth Omega wants it. She heard just last standard cycle how the collective Dark Lords of the Sith had put out bounties on several ‘esoteric’ historical items. This helmet was one of them and probably the reason your former ‘captain’ was trying to frame you and take it off of the companys hands. As long as you have this helmet, she warns, Darth Omega will not stop looking for you. She wants the helmet badly, and Jocasta wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t stop until we were all dead looking for it.

Darth Revan’s history


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