Star Wars: Jedi Resurrection

Terran's Destiny

Terran stared at the empty space that at one time was occupied by Luke Skywalker’s hand, or at least the plaque label identified it as so. Closing his eyes, he thought back to the time when he was training in the ways of the force, taught to him by Maya. “Remember to be careful using your powers out in the open. Your lightsaber should only be used in times of great threat to yourself… or to those whom you wish to protect.” Maya’s voice trailed off in his thoughts.

The lightsaber was easily concealed, weighed less to nothing and yet felt like it was out in the open for everyone to see. He knew that he must heed Maya’s warning. “I would have.” Terran mumbled to himself. Looking at his companions one by one until rested his eyes on Dae Gil. “I would have risked it. Even if everyone finds out who and what I am, to save them.” It’s the Jedi code. Terran felt that it was his destiny to see that Jedi’s return and prove that they are a force of good.

Terran’s gaze was focus on Jocasta. There was some connection, the force perhaps, she was no Jedi, but still. Either way he felt that it was wise letting her hang onto the helmet. Even in her full body armor Terran was noticing her curves, that of an attractive woman when Jocasta helmet turned slightly toward him. He went wide eyed and began looking at some of the other art on the walls.


Chanfan JL_Sentinel

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