Star Wars: Jedi Resurrection

Terran's true heritage

Terran looked blankly at Jocasta for some kind of support and seeing none looked back at Revan. “Wait…that’s it?” He grabbed Revan’s cloak as he turned to walk further into the tunnels. “I get a call from your helmet six systems away to come rescue you, and that’s all I get? Maya promised me more. I want to know why it was so important that I find you.”

Even behind his mask, Revan could project a sense of disappointment. “You have a long way to go yet, young Jedi. Just because I said that we had not the time to discuss these matters, didn’t mean there aren’t other ways…” Revan produced a pearl shaped gem from the hem of his garment. It was black as basalt and seemed to draw light into it. “This is a black krayt dragon pearl. It was removed from the last chamber of the gizzard of the infamous Krayt Dragon known as ‘Tsuchikurobi, the earthroller’. It was a gift to the Tusken Raider tribe ‘Do’noochi’ from your great great grandfather after he slew the great beast. Afterwards, he used his influence within the tribe to have them hunt down and kill a woman. Among other things, this would start a great war.”

Terran looked puzzled. “Perhaps you have the wrong person then. My great great grandfather was Raymus Antilles and he wouldn’t have dealt with the Tusken Raiders…he hated them.”

Revan reached out with the pearl and handed it to Terran. “You have been misinformed.”

As Terran touched the pearl his attention was focused immediately on the blackness of it. His eyes were drawn into it like he was falling into it’s gravitational pull. It was as cold as ice and the chill ran up his arm and into his body. Immediately he knew it was more than just a piece of gemstone. Memories from centuries of his ancestors flooded his mind driving him to his knees and causing the outside world to disappear. Only the gemstone mattered.

He saw the face of a woman, quite beautiful, stroking his face, making baby noises trying to soothe him. He was wrapped in a blanket of blue with a gold star birthmark on his right upper chest, an mark known galaxy wide as the royal house of Alderaan. He watched as the beautiful woman shattered into a million pieces and he felt a million stabs of white hot light run through his body as though millions were being tortured. The blanket unfurled into a flag painted on the outside of a building and the baby morphed into a young man begging to go to the Academy. He watched as the figure lay with another beautiful woman of jet black hair. He suddenly changed to being trained in the force by someone in a glittering ancient city. There he stares longingly into the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen. He senses only her name Desha. He watches as blood pours from her eyes and looks down to see it covering his hands. Again, a beautiful woman appears with a crown and an extra pair of arms. There is a wedding with thousands in attendance. Suddenly, all of the attendees start falling one by one until thousands are dead. The only two left are Terran and the queen. A single tear of blood falls from her eye as she falls too. In what seems like an eternity, another stab of white light hits Terran and then another and then another. Until it literally seems like it will never end. He starts falling into a crevice filled with blood and darkness. He knows how to swim but he is paralyzed. It seems he is going to drown until he is pulled out by his great grandfather Terran, his namesake! He instantly recognizes his great grandfather from holovids, but something’s not right. In the next scene he is seen holding the same Alderaanian cloth but it is a cloak. It has the name Terran Ogonix Mobodu’wan inscribed on it as he throws it into an ocean. He turns to his great great grandfather Raymus Antilles who says only “Are you sure?” As he nods the affirmative, Raymus takes out a lightsaber and ignites it only to hold it to his chest burning off his birthmark. He screams. Antilles. Antilles. Antilles…

“…Antilles!!! Terran!!!”

Terran awoke to see Jocasta standing over him. She seemed relieved to see he was okay. Terran didn’t say anything, he just stared into her eyes and it registered. He pulled back his jumpsuit revealing his upper chest. A gold star. The black krayt dragon pearl had fallen next to him when he blacked out. Jocasta reached for it. “You dropped this. Are you okay?”

Terran receives a dark side point.


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