Star Wars: Jedi Resurrection

The Awakening

Revan stood before the group casting an imposing figure. His clothes were tattered and his face horribly burned. Though still suffering from the temporary blindness that comes from emerging from a slab of frozen gas, Revan betrayed no such weakness. For more than a century the force had been the only sense available to him. It told him all he needed to know of his surroundings. “Lord Revan…” Jocasta bowed to one knee before him. Revan regarded her. “Stand up,child. It is I that should bow to you. I feared I would spend eternity trapped in that carbonite hell.”

Jocasta immediatly rose up, appearing slighly shaken. Immediatly she removed her pack and produced a long, black robe. “Here.” She said firmly as she tossed it to Revan, trying vainly to appear unshaken.

“Thank you, child.” Revan replied, as he slipped the robe on.

“There’s one more thing…”, Jocasta held the helmet out before her, a smug smile on her face.

Curiously Revan reached out, touching the helm. As he did a slight smile appeared as memories flooded over him. Then his hand brushed Jocastas. Revan paused, his hand lingering on hers, momentarily. His benign smile seemed to fade and his hands trembled. He seemed tos tare off into oblivion, lost.

“What is it?” Jocasta asked. At the sound of her voice, Revan snapped back to attention. Regaining his composure, His smile returned. “I haven’t felt the touch of another in so long.” Revan took the helmet from Jocasta, and regarded it sentamentally. “I thought it lost.”

Revan Placed the helm on his head, then pulled the hood of the robe up over it. For the first time in thousands of years, he felt complete.

Finally, Revan acknowledged Terran. Regarding the young man before him, Revan spoke: “Though my eyes fail me at the moment, I can see the force is strong in you. I’ve only seen so much power in one other. Tell me, child, what is your name?”


Without hesitation “I am Terran Antilles, padawan to Maya Ariel errr.” Terran was reaching for words, responding with a question. “Her ghost? It’s hard to explain.”

Terran began to pace while talking rapidly. “I was young when I started dreaming of Maya, well, younger than I am now. I felt like I was being pulled to a planet that appeared in my dreams, so I looked through some charts till I found it, wasn’t easy mind you. I was 7 at the time. I hoped on a shuttle that was heading in that direction until I arrived. I’m sure my parents are worried. I haven’t seen them sense then, nor have I attempted any contact. As it should be, Maya would say, she’s right though I suppose. She trained me in the ways of the Jedi and has sent me out to explore, to finish my training.”

Terran stopped pacing, facing Revan at attention, with no emotion. “Revan, are you teachings of the old Jedi order? or that of the Sith? I ask this because there are only legends and stories of you.”

The Awakening

“Terran? Antilles?” Revan’s helmet tilted to the side, betraying his confusion. “That is… interesting.” He said at last.

“I suppose Maya led you to me.” He mused. “Very well. Come. We have much work to do.” Revan turned to exit the room.

“You haven’t answered my question.” Terran pressed. “Are you Jedi or Sith?”

Revan froze at the entrance, his back to the room. “What do you know of the Jedi or the Sith, child?”

“I..” Terran started to answer before Revan cut him off. “Three times I have felt deaths cold embrace. Three lifetimes I have lived. In that times I have made many mistakes, and have learned from them all. I have seen the politics of the jedi council nearly allow the galaxy to be lost in the mandalorian wars. I have felt the lure of the dark side, and witnessed firsthand the chaos and devastation wrought from my folly.” Revan turned and spoke sharply. “I am neither jedi nor sith, child. I choose to follow the light, and I sincerely hope you would do the same, for all our sakes.”

The Awakening

“I would be honored to be your student.” His face glowed with excitement.

Terran seemed to be in deep thought as he spoke. “I will be up front with you. I plan to clear Jedi’s bad reputation. To see that they return and bring balance back to the galaxy. Through your teachings there will be a new way.” Terran bowed his head. “If you will still except me.”

The Awakening

Revan nodded his approval, before turning his attention back to Jocasta. “And what of you? Will you ignore the traditions of your kind and take up a new way?”

Jocasta bowed reverntly,“It would be an honor to learn from you, if you would have me.”

“Very well.” Revan said, resolutely. “Well before I can teach you, I must learn from you. Tell me everything you know of how you came to be here. Why did Maya send you to me?”

The Awakening

“Where do I begin.” Terran said. “Once I finally got to Mondu Codru. Maya revealed herself to me and that she had died on Mondu Codru during a intense battle that took place there. My great grandfather Terran, his father Raymus and… um” Terran scratched his head, as if that would help remember. “Oh and Drax were able to escape because of her sacrifice.”

Terran took a second to collect his thoughts. “Maya wasn’t talkative, so I’m sure there’s more to it, but anyways. She taught me well enough. I survived, from droids to beasts and harsh environments. I’ve studied all five Vo’rn’s Cadence.” Terran shrugged. “Maya say’s I’ve mastered the lightsaber form. How am I supposed to know, I’ve never seen another lightsaber wielded by others, not until that twi’lek Sith attacked the jail.”

“I’m in control of the force, as much as anyone still learning is to be expected.” A confused look came across Terran’s face. “Maya never mentioned anything about you, or any others. Your helm lead me to you. It was like a whisper, beckoning me here.”

The Awakening
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