Star Wars: Jedi Resurrection

Two Masters, are better that one

‘What the hell was I thinking!’ Terran thought to himself as the slime creature engulfed him. Terran began to struggle, though useless, he was being crushed by the slime creature. ‘No way out! Help!’ his thoughts went out to Jocasta.

The only smart thing Terran did was put the breather mask on before letting this thing bring him down into the contaminated feasted water that housed the slime. ‘At least I wont drown.’ The pressure of being crushed was weakening, he felt tired… ready to give up. ‘Stupid! Ignorant fool I was!’ Anger is what Terran felt now, fueling him and bringing him back fighting.

“TeeO! Remember what I have taught you. The force is yours to control, you are the master and it obeys your will.” The image of Bodo flashed through his mind.

Terran teased up, not so much as struggling against the slime creature as he was reading for what was about to be unleashed. He could feel the power building up, control, he was it’s master and released it. Lightening shot out and into the creature. The slime reacted, though it couldn’t scream, Terran knew from the creatures movements it was in pain. Again Terran released his wraith on this creature enough to kill it. Terran body was no longer being crushed but he was still inside this slimy thing. ‘How am I going to…’ Before he could finish his thoughts, Terran was being pulled out by Dae Gil.

Removing the breathing mask, Terran remained on the ground where Dae Gil had pulled him up to safety. Coughing, trying to catch his breath he managed to speak. “Thanks Dae.” Dae Gil shook his head in disgust, cutting the line that he used to pull Terran up with and joined the others as they examined the creature.

Terran starred up at the ceiling recalling his lessons taught to him by Bodo. Seemed that he has more questions than answers about his true family history. “Sometimes.” He mumbled to himself. “I wish I had never found that holocron of Bodo Moboduwan.”


Chanfan JL_Sentinel

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